Hello… I’m so glad you found me.

A luxury companion for the discerning gentleman.

Based on St. Louis, MO, touring nationwide.

Upcoming tours: Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit.

My name is Vivienne Harlow.

I don’t offer the “girlfriend” experience…

I offer the “girl you meet backpacking in South America and have a wild, passionate fling with that you cherish for the rest of your life” experience.

It’s of my opinion that our puritanical culture does little for the libido, let alone the blood pressure! As a result, we all need a release, and we shouldn’t be shamed for it. Ever since I was young, I knew that there was something different about me. I dance to the beat of my own drummer and I’m unafraid of what people think. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized that not everyone is like this. It’s my calling to provide that experience for those who need it.

Many former lovers have told me that their full-bodied, memorable experiences with me opened them up to sides of themselves they have never known–and as a result, their experiences with me enriched their lives, and future relationships. Knowing that I have helped people achieve a deeper authenticity is touching to me. But for myself, too, I need an outlet where I can indulge my fantasies, be myself. In order to have a rich and full life, one needs such relationships. And it’s with my clients that I can do that.

I am a lover of experience. The world to me is fascinating, illusory, mysterious: a glamour. Because I’m a writer by nature, and a lover at heart, life to me appears as a wondrous string of stories, like pearls on a ribbon. I’m well traveled and wildly adventurous. I connect deeply with whoever I meet. As a result, I have friends around the world. So, as a companion, I can pick and choose who I desire to spend time with. I can pursue passionate intimacy with only the most fascinating and intriguing clients.

To me, being a companion is about someone indulging and appreciating all aspects of you. Success looks like bringing your whole self to life every day, and as a companion, I can do that.