Where and when are you available?

I am based in St. Louis, but frequently tour. Check my Twitter for the most current updates on my whereabouts!

How should I reach out to you?

Due to the volume of requests I receive, I prefer new clients contact me through my booking form. If you’ve seen me before, shoot me a text or email, and I will get back to you.

What is your screening process like?

For my safety, I require screening for all new admirers. This helps me feel completely comfortable with you, and we can both focus on enjoying the companionship. Your screening info can be sent via my booking form (my preference) and/or emailed to vhscreening@proton.me.

I ask for your real first and last name, your phone number and email, as well as some sort of proof of employment (LinkedIn, business card, work website with bio, or something of the sort). In addition, I request one of the following: either a selfie of you holding your ID with all information clearly visible, or the contact information of two providers you have seen recently.

I understand our society can be judgmental of those seeking companionship. I totally disagree with that, but I’d be a poor businesswoman if I didn’t place discretion at the top of my list of importance. I won’t share your personally identifying information with anyone, and after screening all personal data will be promptly destroyed.

I’m __ years old / ___ race / ___ gender… will you still see me? Does that mean I don’t have to screen?

I see clients ages 18 and up, of all genders and sexual orientations, and of all races. Clients are approved based on screening, etiquette, scheduling and services requested. All clients are expected to go through the same screening process. I am a low volume provider who gets many requests, therefore I am able to be selective with clients and reserve the right to refuse clients for any reason. The most important factor in whether I will see a client in the future is their kindness, respect, and good manners in the past.

How do deposits work?

A 20% deposit is required to secure your booking. This covers incidental costs incurred before we meet. The deposit is sent once we agree upon a date and time to meet, via Cashapp or Venmo. Please have the remainder ready in cash at the beginning of the date and leave in an envelope visibly on a table or, if in a restaurant or bar, in a gift bag.

In most scenarios, if you cancel at least 48 hours in advance, I will refund your deposit or apply the deposit to a future booking. If you must cancel within 48 hours of our date, however, I will not be able to refund your deposit. Should I have to cancel at any point I will refund the deposit in full or apply the deposit to a future booking.

Do you accept gifts?

Gifts are never expected but highly welcome. I maintain a wishlist that I hope illustrates my tastes as a companion sufficiently; please check there to see if there is anything in particular I am looking for and to either present the gift upon meeting or send me a gift card to the retailer selling the item. Jewelry, flowers, chocolate, perfume, books, and other unexpected tokens of affection are also always welcome.

I’m interested in a longer term arrangement.

I welcome patrons and mentors interested in underwriting my studies, travels, and professional and creative advancement in the healing, fine, and performing arts on a long-term basis. Those who wish to sponsor such endeavors are encouraged to reach out.

Can I request that you wear a specific outfit?

Admirers planning our dates in advance may also request to see me in gifted attire, jewelry, or adornments, which I am happy to oblige if within my tastes and appropriate for the venue. My sizing is included below for your convenience.

Dress: 4-6 US

Bust: 34DD

Shoe size: 8.5-9 US, 39 EU

Bust: 37

Waist: 25

Hip: 36

Height: 5’6″

How can I learn more about you?

The best way is to make a booking! Prospective clients hoping to learn more about me before reaching out may follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, or Wishtender, or subscribe to my blog.