All About Vivienne


My name is Vivienne Harlow, and I am a lover, dreamer, and fantasy all-in-one.

I’m based in Chicago, St. Louis, and the greater midwest but I have an insatiable lust for travel, so if you want me to visit your city, don’t hesitate to tell me!

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I’m a 5’8, slender free spirit. My eyes have notes of green, gold, grey and blue. I’ve been compared to Rachel McAdams in my bone structure, Angelina Jolie for my lips, and Audrey Hepburn in my attitude. But I like to think there isn’t anyone who looks quite like me. My dark brunette hair is curly when longer, but for now, it’s cut into a flirty pixie cut. Just below that you’ll find full lips, a slightly upturned nose, a dimple when I grin. From there, let your eyes linger on my perky natural breasts that, in my day to day life, are rarely constrained by a bra. Oh, and when I turn around? An ass that can stop traffic.

By day I am a freelance writer. But by night, I’m your delightful, secret companion.

Imagine how nice would be to sneak out of the office to see me for a long lunch break. You’ll come back and nobody will be the wiser. Or, if it’s candlelight, let’s linger over champagne and oysters and then sneak off for whatever awaits us next.

I’ve always had a talent for the dramatic, a taste for the erotic, and a mix of grit and cerebrality.

When I’m not working, you can find me roaming the city, meeting friends, or curled up with a classic novel, some sultry poems, or a book on one of my favorite subjects, like psychoanalysis, sociology, history, international relations, or mythology. I also love films, and enjoy a good Hitchcock as much as I do Cronenberg.

I am profoundly creative, expressing the personal and the universal, in my art as in my companionship.

I’ve been reading the Tarot for over a decade–ask me about adding a reading to your booking, as I love to incorporate depth psychology and energetic healing into my work. I also am a Reiki Level 1 provider, and looking to learn more. I’m committed to my health, and find my joy in movement, whether it’s yoga, dance (especially pole dance), cycling, or hiking. I am deeply interested in eroticism in all of its forms. I always surround myself with beauty–whether it’s a blooming flower, or a burlesque striptease, or a beautiful instrument.

Some things I love, in no particular order:

old books.
the smell after it rains.
warm socks. fresh sheets.
fireplaces. oysters.
sparkling wine. the sound of whispering in the next room.
soft lingerie. scents of jasmine, bulgarian rose, sandalwood.
candlelight. peonies, orchids.
the whine of a clarinet. the gleam of an opal.
Warm bath water sliding across our skin.
a long bath in a claw-foot tub. a long day in the sun.
Tracing the tip of a wine glass with my finger while I smile coyly at you across the table.
The secret wink across the room that says, they have no idea what we’ll be up to later.

Date New York City VIP companion Edie Bisoux

“I’m tempted to say Vivienne is a cross between a 21st century Holly Golightly and Edie Sedgwick, but comparisons don’t work. Vivienne is unique. Gorgeous face, killer body, one of the most intelligent providers I’ve met, and bundles of fun… Be kind, be generous. You’ll leave as I did, warm and full of joy.”